News - Hand Made Design

By Mondoluce 21/06/2017 11:00 am

A simple breath of light.

Handmade lights are a rare gem in today's automated mega factory overload world. To source a rare craftsman that demonstrates the fine art and ability to design a light by hand should not be looked past. Cangini & Tucci, and other leading lighting designers are part of an isolated group of highly skilled craftsmen, that are determined to upkeep the true art behind the light.

The FLUTE and AUF lights by Cangini & Tucci are an example of the handmade design behind every piece. The FLUTE provides concave and convex shapes which creates a particularly current and unique product. The AUF is created on the basis of two parts. One part is the rationality of a metal cylinder containing an illuminant source that repeats in every product. The other part is the glass element, that varies in four different shapes and in different finishes and colours. The designer, Alberto Manzoni envisioned the metal and glass merging through a simple rubber O-ring that makes the assembly and disassembling of the lamp very simple, to avoid direct contact between the two materials.

“The blend used for blowing the Vistosi glass has exclusive features: it guarantees the strength and shine of the materials through time and yet it remains the product of a handcrafted process. The glass factory is the core of the glass blowing art, safeguarded by the hands of experienced masters who don't refuse to face the challenge of manufacturing the new lines and textures born from the designers' creativity.” - Vistosi

Hand Blown Glass