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By Mondoluce 26/09/2019 9:30 am
Michele De Lucchi - Produzione Privata

Acclaimed Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi’s own Produzione Privata lighting collection is now available in Melbourne and Sydney at Mondoluce.

De Lucchi founded Produzione Privata in 1991 as a continuation of the Memphis movement and to design and implement experimental objects, free of commission, with maximum freedom of expression. His lighting collection crafted in Milan shows what can take shape when imagination meets the right material and the right technique.

Each design within the Produzione Privata lighting collection born from De Lucchi’s brilliant and playful mind is made using honed Murano blown glass methods, allowing each piece to stand upright as an artistic statement.

Michele De Lucchi has been a prominent figure in the Italian design world since the 1970s, crafting bold, original and provocative designs throughout his prolific career. His work has developed as a response to the current cultural and political conditions, questioning the status quo, seeking to provide happiness and always wanting to create a better world.

Produzione Privata is now on display at Mondoluce Melbourne and Sydney.

Michele De Lucchi - Produzione Privata

About Michele De Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi has been a prominent figure in the Italian design world since the 1970s. A prolific architect and designer, De Lucchi is known around the globe for crafting architecture, furniture, lighting, and a variety of everyday products into bold, original and provocative designs.

De Lucchi graduated from architecture school in the 1970s, joining the Italian design scene at a time when his contemporaries were challenging the limitations of modernism. He joined post-radical avant-garde group Studio Alchimia in 1978, and three years later founded the famous Memphis Group with Ettore Sottsass and other Milanese architects and designers. Favoring flashy aesthetics over conventional functionality, Memphis embodied the post-modernist spirit, creating fresh and surprising designs with a distinctive visual language, combining bright colours, kitsch motifs and unexpected materials. Memphis was followed by Prozione Privata in 1991, De Lucchi's own company to be used as a sandbox and laboratory for his limitless imagination.

De Lucchi has remained at the forefront of progressive design for more than four decades. When Memphis disbanded in 1988, he became Director of Design at Olivetti where he designed office furniture, cash registers, computers, fax machines, printers and an ATM. He designs architecture, furniture and products for renowned European brands, such as UniFor, Vitra and Alessi, and he served as editor-in-chief of the new Domus magazine in 2018.

About Produzione Privata

Michele De Lucchi founded Produzione Privata in 1991 as a continuation of the Memphis movement. His aim was to design and produce a range of experimental objects free of commission with maximum freedom of expression. His creations, independent of the constraints of the contemporary industry, are informed by artisanal craftmanship and a functional philosophy, emphasizing the innate character of blown glass, metal and wood.

"I gave birth to Produzione Privata because I always felt too far away from my projects: there is often too much distance between the inner world of design and the disenchanted world of consumerist production, use and ultimately destruction. I would like to invest products with richer feelings and humanity, rooting out the indifference of a standardized mass product. I'd like to be able to get items that do not fade at various stages of communication, dissemination, distribution, sale, use and abandonment, that are inevitable for objects that do not communicate anything anymore. Perhaps I desire most of all to grab the ambition to live the profession a little less as a "professional" and a bit more as an "artisan". I believe that the ideal condition is to "create" and "produce" simultaneously and I realized it today, with the help of skilled Italian craftsmen, turning my office into a kind of workshop of a Renaissance artist."

- Michele De Lucchi