News - Project Spotlight - Cornerstone House

By Mondoluce 18/01/2021 10:00 am
Cornerstone House Project Photo 1

Inspired by the site and the earth this Northcote home sits upon, Cornerstone House references the quarries which originally occupied the area.

Splinter Society skillfully combines contrasts, embedding a sense of vigor together with refinement and detailing to capture the layered and storied history of the site.

Cornerstone House Project Photo 2

Fittingly named, the starting point for the design of Cornerstone House were a series of a dozen large boulders positioned at key moments throughout the site. Emerging as rough and uncut features, they stand as untouched elements quarried from the earth, acting as partitions, flooring, joinery, landscaping and furniture elements. In construction, the cornerstones were first craned onto the site and the structure was built around them.

Cornerstone House Project Photo 3

Architectural elements of refined steel glazing and split-face stone aim to balance the rougher and more robust components. With styling by Swee Design, the home is spread over two levels, the same bold and dark palette is carried from the exterior, extending the black steel fins that clad the volume inward. The addition of warm timber, touches of colour through furniture and tactile details, all contribute to it's aesthetic complexity.

The linear and architectural approach to lighting emphases volumes internally. Rainer Mutsch's Orchid pendant adorns the elegant living space, the stark white finish complementing the adjacent wall unit and accenting the space.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns