Hai Lang Residence

The Hai Lang residence, meaning “wave of the ocean” in Mandarin, brings the natural contours of waves to the architecture and interiors of this breathtaking home on the NSW South Coast.


Illuminating the mezzanine entryway, the Squiggle H4 Pendant by Rotaliana was selected by Birdblack Design to mirror the smooth curvature elements found in the lighting fixtures throughout the house.


The tall entryway ceilings provide the ideal space in which to drape a pair of Paolo Rizzatto’s beautifully designed Squiggle Pendants, while the upper walkway provides an additional viewpoint of the irregular hexagon-shaped holes that allow light to escape each light’s metal structure.


“Curating high-quality products was paramount for this home – we wanted pieces that will live as long as the home itself, aligning with the sustainability goals of the project"
“Selecting a pendant is like choosing a piece of art. We liked the Squiggle because of its curves and because it is quite architectural in design. We opted for white to highlight the light source rather than the light fitting - soft whites work well in the space, both day and night.”
"Carefully staggered in height, we dedicated significant time to positioning them perfectly. The pendants look beautiful from multiple viewpoints - through the front window, from the ground floor looking up, or from the mezzanine, where you can really appreciate how they fill the void."
- Sarah Nolen, Director / Interior Designer, Birdblack Design
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NSW South Coast
JIH Building Design
Prue Ruscoe
Birdblack Design
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