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New to Mondoluce. The Vegetal pendant collection by Cangini & Tucci has the power to capture attention wherever they are hung. Designed around the concept that there can be no life without light, Vegetal recreates the feeling of light filtering through leaves.


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A combination of metal and glass imbues the Tread Pendant Light with an "industrial" style. Tread is reminiscent of antique electrical devces due to its unique shape where the finned heat sink and glass stand out.

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Combining the architectural and the glamorous, Visio has been designed as an homage to the iconographic apparatus and expressiveness of the face. With layers of meaning to be discovered from a range of different configurations, Visio can be used to generate a face in its entirety, or through compositions of mouths, noses, ears and eyes.

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Cordea Exterior Pendant

The Cordea exterior pendant light reinterprets the shape of vintage industrial lamps shape in an experimental, contemporary vision. Cordea is available in a variety of classic neutral colours, to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in any exterior space.

Coral pendant by David Trubridge
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20 Years of Coral

The Coral pendant light is inspired by the shape of coral and is made from sustainably sourced bamboo plywood. The design has gained popularity around the world, to the point where, over the last 20 years, it has become an iconic piece of modern lighting.


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Mountain View Pendant

The Mountain View Pendant Light is an enchanting fixture that will become the focal point of any room. Made of transparent blown glass masterfully hand-crafted. The shade consists of two parts: a simple encompassing dome with a majestic mountainesque structure located within, evoking visions of mountain ranges.