Golden Brothers
Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, Golden Brothers are a family of lamp-characters which, reflecting a soft light on their body, enhance the plasticity and fluidity of their silhouette.

Golden Brothers

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Swan by NEMO
Product Spotlight
Swan Wall Light

Swan is a dimmable LED wall light for direct lighting. Comprised of a single arm which rotates 40 degrees vertically, with a leathered counterbalance, and 180 degrees horizontally with an adjustable head. The minimalist aluminium structure is painted matte black for contemporary installations.

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Qeeboo at Mondoluce

Next-generation Italian brand Qeeboo is now available at Mondoluce. Launched in 2016, Qeeboo products are emotional and narrative, expressly accessible, and charmingly unique.

Black Finish
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Square Pendant

Square is a minimalist linear pendant featuring touchless sensors on one end, allowing the user to adjust dimming and colour temperature through simple hand gestures.

Collection Spotlight
Squiggle by Rotaliana

Inspired by the “Neon structure” by Lucio Fontana for the 9th Triennale of Milan, Squiggle by Rotaliana is a suspended tubular exoskeleton containing an LED strip. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


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David Trubridge
Brand Spotlight
Artistry from Nature

New Zealand designer David Trubridge draws his inspiration from nature. This short film features the beautiful landscapes of Aotearoa which inspire many of David's designs, as he provides an insight into his creative process.