We're proud to introduce Masiero - the newest brand in the Mondoluce line-up. Based in Treviso and specialising in metal working processes, Masiero produces high-end decorative lighting products recognised throughout the world. Now on display in Melbourne.


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Manifesto is a creative play of shapes and paths of light. With a clear neoplasticist influence, the fixture is characterized by stylistic audacity and aesthetic balance. When the light is off, the lamp manifests itself as a abstract sculpture affixed to the wall. When the light is on, it is surrounded by a luminous halo which traces the boundaries of manifesto's form, enhancing its impact.

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Pensee Table Lamp

The Pensee LED table lamp is a refined contemporary take on a timeless silhouette. Featuring a classic profile and compact design, the Pensee emits a soft calming glow through it's handmade opal glass diffuser.

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Pivotante A Poser

Designed in the 50s by Charlotte Perriand, the Pivotante A Poser remains an innovative example of the modernist aesthetic. Its cylindrical body opens on two sides on which two diffusers rotate allowing the opening and closing of the light beam to adjust the light in a direct or indirect way.

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Aeron Pendant

The Aeron pendant by Cangini e Tucci is characterised by its
double-chamber diffuser. Made entirely of mouth-blown glass, the
satin-finished inner chamber softly diffuses light source, producing a
natural and even illumination.


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Mountain View Pendant

The Mountain View Pendant Light is an enchanting fixture that will become the focal point of any room. Made of transparent blown glass masterfully hand-crafted. The shade consists of two parts: a simple encompassing dome with a majestic mountainesque structure located within, evoking visions of mountain ranges.