PaoPao Pendant
by Seed Design
The PaoPao collection is inspired by the artistry of fine jewelry. The glass sphere is mouth-blown and vacuum plated to create a unique layered effect. The mirrored finish of the glass diffuser becomes transparent when the light is turned on, revealing a delicate glowing source. The PaoPao Pendant utilizes high efficiency integrated LED design with a warm emission ideal for mood lighting. Available in 3 finish options.
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Hui Lun Li
Product Designer

Hui Lun Li

Hui Lun Li (White) is the senior designer at SEED Design. Born with a persistently vigorous heart, White is a young lady that is nothing short of imagination. She manages to find small delights in every life and generously shares her once of happiness with the people around her. White has earned a impressive degree in Industrial Design, and she displays her stunning talents in visual communication. She can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. She can transform any common space into a magical wonderland. White often draws inspirations for her creations from her childhood.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Seed Design
Designer Hui Lun Li
Finish Chrome Glass with Chrome Metal Top Chrome Glass with Black Metal Top Brass Glass with Sand Gold Metal Top

Product Dimensions

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Product Documents

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Pao pao pendant dimensions PDF 178KB Download
Sketch up (skp paopao p1 210604) ZIP 320KB Download
Cad (cad paopao p1 210607) ZIP 41KB Download