Square Linear Pendant
by Seed Design
The Square Pendant is simple yet sophisticated in both function and design. The minimalist linear lamp is controlled by touchless sensors located on one end of the fixture. Not only is there an ON/OFF and dimming function, but the Square also exhibits the ability to adjust color temperature in four flexible settings: 2700k, 3000k (default), 3400k, and 4000k. The Square features an integrated LED source with a Color Rendering Index of 98 for vivid and natural color environments. The versatile design makes the Square pendant suitable for work spaces to ambient settings. The exterior is available in Black or White finish, while the inner surface is finely coated in brushed gold.
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Chao-Cheng Chen
Product Designer

Chao-Cheng Chen

Chao-Cheng Chen (Meiric) is the founder and designing director of SEED Design. With a creative soul and profound mechanical knowledge, Meiric has devoted himself in lighting design for most of his life. It is something that inspires his passion. Up to these days, Meiric still continues to create more and more stunning and practical designs to “wow “ us.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Seed Design
Designer Chao-Cheng Chen
Finish White Black

Product Dimensions

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Product Documents

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Sketch up (skp square p 210312) ZIP 199KB Download
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