Lepanto Floor Lamp
by Vistosi
Lepanto floor lamp by Vistosi. A light sculpture of classical inspiration made in Murano glass requiring a high degree of technical skill. The 'pulegoso' finish adds a unique organic texture to the surface of the glass.
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Luciano Vistosi
Product Designer

Luciano Vistosi

Luciano Vistosi was born in Murano in 1931 and spent his childhood and most of his teenage years working by his family's kiln, where he learned the techniques to discover the moods, colours, sounds and tastes of the old tradition of master glass craftsmen.

After completing his studies, his career as an artist appears to be immediately marked by a strong vocation for experimental research. The fact of being left-handed forces him to reinvent the tools to work with glass. The search for absolute designs, the determination to put the quality of materials first, followed by style, and the belief that drawings are only the starting point of a work that can follow various paths, lead to the creation of his glass sculptures. From the sixties on he held a number of solo exhibitions and took part in exhibitions all over the world: from Venice to San Francisco, from Madrid and Cologne to Japan.

In managing the family-run business, Vetreria Vistosi, which he directed up until 1984, Luciano Vistosi gave a fundamental contribution to its development by taking the brand beyond a conservative approach to design. He designed a number of collections and his items are still manufactured today, also under the pseudonym of Michael Red.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Vistosi
Designer Luciano Vistosi
Finish White

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