Tubes Large Ceiling Light
by Nemo
Designed by Charles Kalpakian, the TUBES LARGE ceiling lamp features an innovative contemporary design. Ceiling luminaire composed of two cylindrical elements in extruded aluminum, equipped with an opal polycarbonate lens for a diffused uniform light. Ceiling element rotates 340 degrees, while the other cylinder can be rotated by 90 degrees.
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Charles Kalpakian
Product Designer

Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982. After collaborating with prestigious agencies including the Ora Ito and Christophe Pillet in 2011, he launched his design studio and has since then been developing his own projects. He draws his inspiration from his roots in France and Lebanon, as well as street-art culture. These influences take shape through the reinterpretation of motifs derived from the decorative arts that were in turn inherited from the history and geography of Lebanon. Charles’ line of work is always sharp yet flexible; almost like the strokes created by a calligraphy brush.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Nemo
Designer Charles Kalpakian
Finish White + Grey White + Gold White

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