Vera Large Wall & Ceiling
by Icone
The versatile Vera lamp is composed of a large reflective base where a luminous brushed aluminium disc rests. The light disc be manually rotated 360 degrees, allowing the user to customise illumination. Vera is equipped with a high output LED and can be installed as wall or ceiling lamp. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes for any application. The large size and unique design of the Vera is ideal for feature lighting in contemporary spaces.
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Marco Pagnoncelli
Product Designer

Marco Pagnoncelli

Marco Pagnoncelli is an Italian designer who creates the many pieces of the Icone brand. He has set himself a goal with his brothers Cristiano, Davide and Massimo: to create top-of-the-range products, in which style and materials contribute to improving and making even more unique the environment in which they are placed.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Icone
Designer Marco Pagnoncelli
Finish White + Rust Goldleaf + White Goldleaf + Rust White + Black White + Bronzed Copper

Product Dimensions

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Product Documents

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Vera 50 wall dimensions PDF 354KB Download