Applique A Volet Pivotant Plie
by Nemo
Originally conceived by Charlotte Perriand in 1962, this pivoting wall lamp remains a functional and significant architectural piece. The light source produces an indirect illumination towards the wall which can be adjusted by pivoting the aluminium shade (volet). Available in white body with a variety of volet finishes, with LED, E14 or R7 source. Manufactured in Italy by NEMO.
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Charlotte Perriand
Product Designer

Charlotte Perriand

To Charlotte Perriand, lamps were not a decorative element added for no reason, but a functional and technical component, a tool and an object answering to specific needs. Perriand’s minimalistic approach instills a timeless character in her creations: these are the “Useful Forms” that came from the movement she co-founded in 1949. Like Perriand’s furniture, her lamps are not immovable, but rotate and bend themselves, adjusting to our needs.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Nemo
Designer Charlotte Perriand
Finish Black Aluminium White
Version E14 R7 LED

Product Dimensions

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