Armonia Ring Wall Light
by Vistosi
Designed by Francesco Lucchese, the Armonia collection is inspired by history, blending functionality and emotion. Armonia combines modern design with classic glass working techniques like "balloton" and straight or twisted "rigadin." Available in a rage of colors and textures, Armonia creates a warm, enveloping light.
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Francesco Lucchese
Product Designer

Francesco Lucchese

Founded by the architect Francesco Lucchese, Lucchesedesign works all over the world and in different fields, creating design products for Italian and international companies operating in the furniture, lighting, bathroom and surface sectors; for these creations they have received prestigious international awards. The design firm also coordinates projects for corporate positioning and brand image, communication events and exhibition design.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Vistosi
Designer Francesco Lucchese
Glass Finish Amber Crystal Smoke
Frame Finish Black Matte Nickel / Matte Copper Matte Black Nickel / Matte Gold

Product Dimensions

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Product Documents

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Armonia ap 25 instructions PDF 2MB Download
Armonia ap25 dimensions PDF 215KB Download