Damo Pendant
by Seed Design
A legendary wise man named Bodhidharma embarked on a nine year quest to uncover the truth to Buddhism. He was so strong-minded that nothing could challenge his determination. In reverence to the legendary sage, SEED Design demonstrate his dynamic spirit and unwavering attitude in the DAMO pendant. DAMO not only creates a sense of serenity, it also instills utmost vitality through its brightness, clarifying your innermost thoughts when needed.
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Chao-Cheng Chen
Product Designer

Chao-Cheng Chen

Chao-Cheng Chen (Meiric) is the founder and designing director of SEED Design. With a creative soul and profound mechanical knowledge, Meiric has devoted himself in lighting design for most of his life. It is something that inspires his passion. Up to these days, Meiric still continues to create more and more stunning and practical designs to “wow “ us.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Seed Design
Designer Chao-Cheng Chen
Finish Black

Product Dimensions

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