Hoops Ceiling Light
by Axo Light
Hoops is a collection of ceiling lamps and suspended lights with interchangeable elements in different shapes and sizes. Winding metal hoops hang below a central base creating a decorative fitting for feature lighting applications. The base houses a built-in LED light source with diffused beam. Available in gold, black or white finish in two sizes.
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Giovanni Barbato
Product Designer

Giovanni Barbato

Born in Padova, Giovanni Barbato is an emerging designer keen on essential yet innovative lines. He attended an industrial design course in Padua and the Architecture University in Venice. The knowledge of materials and the transformation processes make Giovanni Barbato one of the most valuable lighting designers on the Italian scene.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Axo Light
Designer Giovanni Barbato
Finish Gold White Black
Size 3 Hoops 2 Hoops

Product Documents

File name Format Size Action
Instructions hoops 2 pl PDF 176KB Download
Instructions hoops 3 pl PDF 176KB Download
Dimensions hoops 3 pl PDF 387KB Download
Dimensions hoops 2 pl PDF 379KB Download