Manifesto Wall Light
by Axo Light
Manifesto is a creative play of shapes and paths of light. With a clear neoplasticist influence, the fixture is characterized by stylistic audacity and aesthetic balance. When the light is off, the lamp manifests itself as a abstract sculpture affixed to the wall. When the light is on, it is surrounded by a luminous halo which traces the boundaries of manifesto's form, enhancing its impact. Designed by Timo Ripatti and developed by Axolight.
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Timo Ripatti
Product Designer

Timo Ripatti

Character and modernity. Timo Ripatti is the expression of the Axolight renewal process over the past few years. He is a creator of essential works, real drawings in space, as in the case of U-Light, and objects with a post-industrial taste, material and mechanically directable, as in the case of Cut. He is certainly one of the most intriguing and engaging designers in this day and age.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Axo Light
Designer Timo Ripatti
Finish Earth Red Mirrored Steel Desert White Intense Black
Version 2700K 3000K

Product Dimensions

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Product Documents

File name Format Size Action
Manifesto dimensions PDF 213KB Download
Instructions apmanifestoxxxx PDF 1MB Download
Apmanifestoxxxx per 3d ZIP 189KB Download
Manifesto magazine 171022 PDF 793KB Download