Macchina Minima n. 8
by Produzione Privata
The Macchina Minima n. 8, or Minimal Machine, is a suspended lamp with considerable mobility. The combination of the two movements of the arm favors and a turned brass counterweight enable the lamp to be positioned at any point in space, with vertical and horizontal adjustability. Arms and canopy are made of painted metal, the shade is in parchment paper. Design by Michele De Lucchi. Made in Italy.
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Michele de Lucchi
Product Designer

Michele de Lucchi

Michele De Lucchi has been a prominent figure in the Italian design world since the 1970s, crafting bold, original and provocative designs throughout his prolific career. His work has developed as a response to the current cultural and political conditions, questioning the status quo, seeking to provide happiness and always wanting to create a better world.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Produzione Privata
Designer Michele de Lucchi
Size 8

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