Plot Pendant
by Vistosi
Inspired by the weaving of oriental bamboo scaffolding, Plot creates a feeling of weightlessness. Encased within a transparent blown glass diffuser, an internal LED light source is supported by interweaving of metal rods, evoking a look of suspended animation. Plot is available with a crystal or smoke external diffuser with brass or black internal support rods. Hand made in Italy by Vistosi.
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Metal Finish
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Chiaramonte & Marin
Product Designer

Chiaramonte & Marin

Alfredo Chiaramonte, born in Bologna, graduated in architecture in Venice, while Marco Marin, born in Venice, specialised in industrial design after completing his studies at the School of Fine Arts. Later they entered the world of the Murano glass and improved their knowledge of the glass manufacturing techniques. During the nineties, Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin received a number of awards, including the first prize at the Young & Design competition. They are currently working with top companies in the furniture, lighting, household and gifts sectors.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Vistosi
Designer Chiaramonte & Marin
Glass Finish Crystal Smoke
Metal Finish Brass Black

Product Documents

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