Puppet Chandelier
by Vistosi
Contemporary lighting system featuring up to 36 cable arms, each holding a mouth blown crystal sphere, with an overall structure suspended by a stainless steel cable affixed to the ceiling. Each arm can be adjusted based on personal preference, allowing the chandelier to be highly customizable in its appearance. Each glass diffuser features an irregular lined degrade finish, producing a soft cloudy pattern on surrounding surfaces. Available with clear, smoke, amber, or white pendants.
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Romani Saccani Architetti Associati
Product Designer

Romani Saccani Architetti Associati

Michele Romani and Mauro Saccani, both born in Milan in 1970, graduate in Architecture at the Politecnico, in Milan, after completing their secondary education in Industrial Design at Monza's Art College. In 1999 they established their studio as associates, specialised in product design. They worked with lighting and furnishing companies and carried out projects for exhibition displays and architectural interiors. Their creative pursuit seeks to define a "strong, identifying mark", which is also conceptually simple and therefore easy to understand. The result is a high quality item, yet pure in terms of functionality and looks, immediate, essential, with a light weight and seductive design, as it turns to our inner selves to evoke emotions and familiarity.

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Product Specifications

Supplier Vistosi
Designer Romani Saccani Architetti Associati
Finish Smoke White Amber Crystal
Size 12 Light 6 Light

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Puppet chandelier dimensions PDF 2MB Download